Feeling down ☹

Not abuse related but feeling a little down tonight ☹ feel like I cant do anything right, like I’m not wanted and am just wasting my time being here ☹

Tried helping my boyfriend who hurt his back and was called an interfering bitch 😢 he moans his back hurts but wont go and see the Dr about it, asks me for a massage 💆 and then tells me to leave him alone, genuinely feel unwanted by him, well if that’s the case I will have to deal with it, I am sick and tired of his attitude, so from now on I am going to treat him like he treats me, like he us invisible and see how he likes it, I wont talk to him, I wont ask him to do anything for me or our daughter, I will do everything, and build a successful business and financial stability for my and our daughter screw him. 😊


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