Turning Negative into Positive

Right it has been a while since I posted anything regarding my abuse situation, I have decided against counselling because I realised that all I have been focusing on is negativity, so since the early hours of yesterday morning I decided to focus on the positive in my life.

I have started praising myself on even the smallest of achievements even if no one else appreciates those victories they are mine and mine alone to celebrate.

I am going to enjoy the festive season with my usual vigour and absolutely without the usual guilt that follows, this is the beginning of a better and more positive me that will continue into the new year, I have achieved something I never thought I would and I’m going to build on that, yes I will slip and fall and stumble along the way, but I have been as low as I m willing to go, no more wallowing in self pity, no more doubts, its my time and boy am I going to shine 😊


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