Feeling down ☹

Not abuse related but feeling a little down tonight ☹ feel like I cant do anything right, like I’m not wanted and am just wasting my time being here ☹

Tried helping my boyfriend who hurt his back and was called an interfering bitch 😒 he moans his back hurts but wont go and see the Dr about it, asks me for a massage πŸ’† and then tells me to leave him alone, genuinely feel unwanted by him, well if that’s the case I will have to deal with it, I am sick and tired of his attitude, so from now on I am going to treat him like he treats me, like he us invisible and see how he likes it, I wont talk to him, I wont ask him to do anything for me or our daughter, I will do everything, and build a successful business and financial stability for my and our daughter screw him. 😊


Turning Negative into Positive

Right it has been a while since I posted anything regarding my abuse situation, I have decided against counselling because I realised that all I have been focusing on is negativity, so since the early hours of yesterday morning I decided to focus on the positive in my life.

I have started praising myself on even the smallest of achievements even if no one else appreciates those victories they are mine and mine alone to celebrate.

I am going to enjoy the festive season with my usual vigour and absolutely without the usual guilt that follows, this is the beginning of a better and more positive me that will continue into the new year, I have achieved something I never thought I would and I’m going to build on that, yes I will slip and fall and stumble along the way, but I have been as low as I m willing to go, no more wallowing in self pity, no more doubts, its my time and boy am I going to shine 😊

Feeling Positive agan πŸ˜Š

I am feeling so positive once again feeling like I can finally achieve anything that I want to, finally realising that I am in control of my own destiny and I am the only person to blame for all of the negativity in my life because I have allowed it to control me well yesterday/early hours of this morning I decided no more.

I have stared proceedings to be going self employed so that I can be around for my daughter while building my area career and a good family home 😊

I have found my soul mate, am feeling almost complete it is time to change my self perception because I deserve to be happy 😊

I love my family πŸ‘ͺ 100% but its time I started loving me, call me selfish if you must because I really don’t care, I have put myself on the back burner all my life, been strong for everyone else its my time now.


Feeling Positve

Finally I am feeling positive!! After a very stressful few days with constant arguing and me leaving my home for a night things are finally looking up.

I have had some me time tonight to sit and reflect and have decided to stick two fingers in the air to all of the haters out there and get back to me, to stop allowing people to dictate what I do and when I so it.

IT IS MY LIFE I shouldn’t have to explain what I spend on what, yes I have burried my head in the sand, I am going to go to collage I am going to invest in my own health for myself and screw anybody who doesn’t like it.

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